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Less than 10 spots left - Claim yours before they are all gone!

Whether you are a young professional at the start of your career, a new business owner, or someone who’s been around for a while, listen up! At Northern Marketing & Design, we understand how important it is to maintain a professional image, so we wanted to give you the opportunity to get a headshot, full-body portrait, and flyer design done for just $75!

We will be working with Nyesha Bullock, a professional photographer whose ability to capture the perfect headshot will help show others that you are a career-driven professional. These headshots are ideal for displaying on your social media, website, or anywhere else you’d like to convey a sense of professionalism. In addition, Northern Marketing & Design will create a unique business flyer so that you can showcase your business services or products. This is your chance to elevate your brand and send a message that stands out from the crowd, which we know will help increase sales!

Before a buyer decides to make a purchase, no matter how big or small, they must choose between you and any potential competition. Often, this comes down to which company they feel is more “trustworthy and professional.”

  • If you want to be taken seriously as a business, you need to create and maintain a professional brand identity.

  • The manner in which you present your business to the public includes having high quality, professional-looking images and content.

Again, for this reason, Northern Marketing & Design has decided to partner with the headshot’s pro, Nyesha B. Photography, to present Headshots & Flyers. Participants will be able to receive a headshot and flyer design to help elevate their business to the next level; however, spots are limited, so book yours today!

About Northern Marketing & Design: Northern Marketing & Design is a full-service advertising agency based out of Delaware County, PA. They specialize in the creation of logos, flyer designs, websites, and more. At Northern Marketing & Design, the main focus is to assist businesses in bringing their ideas to life.

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By Kurshay Whitaker of the Beauty of Kalon

The key points in how to prepare for headshots

Plan Prep & Execute

1. Understand and plan the concept of your headshot. Ask yourself, who will be seeing your headshots and what do you want them to think when they see it. For example, you can show your product or talent in your head shot. A great space for inspiration can be Pinterest.

2. Plan for an outfit that caters to your craft. Also, you can wear a top with your brand logo on it. It will create a sense of familiarity for your future clients.

3. Make sure your clothes are ironed and/or without wrinkles. If you have a lint roller, use it the night before.

4. Skin prep is always important before any shoot. Allow yourself some downtime to relax and prepare your skin

5. When selecting what to wear you have to take into account who your brand is, who will be seeing your headshots and what do you want them to think when they see it.

Additional Tips

  • Stick with Simple Jewelry

  • Avoid Older, Worn-Out Clothing

  • Stick with Solid Colors

  • Dark colors are perceived as more formal, dominant and authoritative

  • Light colors make the wearer appear more friendly and approachable

  • Some bright colors convey confidence and energy

  • Muted colors are conservative and less threatening

  • High-contrast pairings like a dark jacket and light shirt can create a powerful image that conveys influence and authority.

Northern Marketing has partnered with The Beauty of Kalon, which will offer in-house services dedicated to help business owners prepare and execute their shoot. Kalon Beauty offers a makeup artist, stylist and a creative director if needed.

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