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Why Us

Because we get it!


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Why Us?

We asked our clients the same question and we notice some common answers:

"It's the passion"
"Custom to fit my business"
"You read my mind"
"Storytelling meets branding"

We promise we do not know how to read minds, but we know how to listen to our clients' needs. At Northern Marketing & Design, we craft each marketing plan to match every business owner's unique needs and budgets. We create graphic work to fit your brand's personality and allure to your target market. At NMD, we are not just a hired service; we are your teammate to your business' success. 

Our secret is not mind reading, but our experience mixed with understanding. You have an idea that you nurtured into a business. Now, you want people to know where they can find your business and what you have to offer. That is where we come in. We want to help you turn your business into a brand that people will recognize by name and a brand your customers hold dear to their hearts and first in their minds. You have an idea that you are ready to share with the world, and we can help you with just that. 

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