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How to prepare for your headshots

By Kurshay Whitaker of the Beauty of Kalon

The key points in how to prepare for headshots

Plan Prep & Execute

1. Understand and plan the concept of your headshot. Ask yourself, who will be seeing your headshots and what do you want them to think when they see it. For example, you can show your product or talent in your head shot. A great space for inspiration can be Pinterest.

2. Plan for an outfit that caters to your craft. Also, you can wear a top with your brand logo on it. It will create a sense of familiarity for your future clients.

3. Make sure your clothes are ironed and/or without wrinkles. If you have a lint roller, use it the night before.

4. Skin prep is always important before any shoot. Allow yourself some downtime to relax and prepare your skin

5. When selecting what to wear you have to take into account who your brand is, who will be seeing your headshots and what do you want them to think when they see it.

Additional Tips

  • Stick with Simple Jewelry

  • Avoid Older, Worn-Out Clothing

  • Stick with Solid Colors

  • Dark colors are perceived as more formal, dominant and authoritative

  • Light colors make the wearer appear more friendly and approachable

  • Some bright colors convey confidence and energy

  • Muted colors are conservative and less threatening

  • High-contrast pairings like a dark jacket and light shirt can create a powerful image that conveys influence and authority.

Northern Marketing has partnered with The Beauty of Kalon, which will offer in-house services dedicated to help business owners prepare and execute their shoot. Kalon Beauty offers a makeup artist, stylist and a creative director if needed.

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